fire pitsAt Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio, we design and build fire pits with consistent performance, style, and durability in mind. Whether you want that rustic look or are taking a more modern approach, we can add a fire pit that truly reflects your personal taste and complements your current patio layout.

With endless options to choose from, we can help you find one-of-kind fire pits that enhance your outdoor experience and helps you create lasting memories with family and friends. To find out more about our fire pit services, contact Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio today and schedule a free consultation with a licensed and certified hardscape expert.

Options for Fire Pits to Light Up Your Home

What should you look for in fire pits? Which product will be both safe and stylish? We offer a wide range of fire pit options for your home including:


Whether you want to grill, relax, or simply view your fire pit, we can install a product to suit any occasion. You can customize your fire pit to perform almost any function around your patio or backyard.


Fire pits offer endless choices for materials, such as stone, copper, steel, cast iron, or polyresin. Regardless of what material you choose, you can depend on your fire pit deliver high performance and hold up well to flames and high temperatures. All materials are also easy to maintain and clean.

Fuel Base

Fire pits can draw from a range of fuel sources including propane, wood, natural gas, charcoal, bio-ethanol, and even gel fuel. Keep in mind that the type of fuel sources you choose may determine what fire pit options you have. We can help you choose the right fire pit based on your needs.


The best thing about fire pits is that you can choose from a variety of features including:

  • Spark screens
  • Wood grates
  • Supports
  • Bowls
  • Tables
  • Specialized custom features

Your Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio specialist can go over all of the options and features available to you when ordering fire pits in Catonsville, MD. You can personalize fire pits according to your needs and desires.

Complete Fire Pit Services in Catonsville, MD

Implementing a fire pit into your patio or backyard can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Whether you are adding a fire pit for the first time or changing out an old fire pit, you are more likely to get the results you want with licensed professionals you trust.

Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio offers complete fire pit services for all types of projects. Our services are designed to help you through every stage including hardscape design concepts, material/product choice, product delivery, and complete installation. We also provide ongoing maintenance, as needed. You simply tell us what you want, and we can take it from there. We do it all so that you can enjoy your fire pit when the job is done.

Don’t Settle for Less: Hire a Licensed Fire Pit Contractor Today

Installing fire pits in Catonsville, MD requires experience, knowledge, and absolute precision. If you hire cheap labor to cut corners, you may quickly discover that you get a sub-par product and mediocre service.

Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio is committed to giving you the highest level of service and quality products in the industry. Each of our contractors is licensed, certified in residential hardscaping, and insured for safety. They are qualified to perform any fire pit installation job regardless of what you are looking for. Don’t settle for less than the best for your home. Hire a licensed fire pit contractor.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Hardscape Specialist

If you are ready to get started your project and learn more about fire pits, we are here to help. Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio offers comprehensive fire pit services in Catonsville, MD. To schedule a consultation with a specialist, call us at 410.983.6261.